Move over y’all because it’s a little CROWDED in here!

CROWDED is a new zine in town created by Ally Whitelaw, Marixa Ford, Amy Do, and Chrissy Hartzell & we want YOU to submit your talent. We want to showcase the beautiful work of people that usually don’t have the opportunity to put their art out into the world. CROWDED is about giving people a platform to reveal the different mediums they’ve always had in them, whether that be illustration, photography, print work, poetry, short story, comics, horoscopes.

We accept ANYTHING & EVERYTHING! Our goal is to get as many artists in each issue of our little zine as possible, so people can admire the incredible local works of Chicago they might’ve not been able to see elsewhere. After we collect our contributors we host a release party at our home, The Crowd, where you can watch the contributors showcase some of their work, watch wacky & quick 2 minute acts, & PURCHASE YOUR VERY OWN ZINE AT THE DOOR (or any point before, during, or after the show).

Our second zine release show will be Saturday, January 19th at 8pm! If you’re interested in contributing for future issues of CROWDED, follow our Facebook group for updates or you can message any of the editors personally for questions. Now that you know the deets, can you scootch over a smidge to the right? Your elbow is in my eye.

Crowded Jan.jpg