House Team Updates

Fellow Humans,

Limitless thanks to everyone that auditioned this last weekend - the weather was terrible, so thank you for making the trek. Without further ado - here’s the list of folks that’ll be joining our rosters:

A Socialist Who Loves to Code
Coach: Aram Rayzian
Bernard Maynore
Alan Giles
Jen Connor
Aidan O’Connor
Ana Collado
Johncarlo Saavedra
Ateeq Rehman
Maggie Dempsey
Claire Parlette
Georgia Gove

Teenage Nicholas
Ali de Rosas

Shelbie Anderson
Kimi Arquines

Simply Sugar
Ilirida Memedovski
Kimberly Iheme

Lily Reed
Alyssa Simari

A personal note: I have never gotten joy from the auditing process. For each of the folks we get to give good news, we have a much longer list of folks that we have to deliver bad news. Often that means giving bad news to folks that I deeply enjoy on a personal and performer level. If you have questions about the audition, or would like some demystifying of our process feel free to reach out. Happy to answer questions to the best of my ability.

While the timeline for this is very nebulous (six months - year), the next team we’ll be creating will be focused on creating digital content, in addition to any live performance element. Stay tuned.

Salud my dudes,