The Flynn Edge Film Festival

by: Johnny Antonini

Consider this your Flynnvitation into our wild and weird world of independent filmmaking.  The four of us met while studying video production at the University of Dayton.  We were taught the ancient ways of the camera by our teacher/boss/leader/mentor/God/father-like-figure/ and hopefully friend Roy Flynn.  There is something about Roy you can’t quite describe.  He is intimidating yet kind, wise yet simple minded, 65 yet attractive.  We have simply referred to this way of life as “The Edge.” 

            After graduating we have joined up to pursue our dreams of comedy and film.  We have made a plethora of youtube sketch comedy videos.  Last summer we made a full length found footage style horror.  We have now completed two short films which are so far our best work.  To preserve his memory we have called our little production team “The Flynn Edge”. (Roy is still very much alive)

            So this little evening will consist of the world premiere of our two most recent short films.  ‘Coffee Boys’ and ‘Shanks of the Midwest’.  We think you will be entertained.  We are pretty sure you will laugh.  I have no doubt in my mind you will be bawling your eyes out in the end.  Actually I have no idea what the public will think of these.  That is what I am most excited about.  The only way to improve is to put yourself out there right?  So come out for a weird night of EXTREMELY independent films.  Like seriously the four of us were cast/writers/directors/lighting/sound/camera/ and everything else during these productions.  So SOOORRRYYY if a shot looks a little out of focus!

Flynn Edge Film Festival.jpg