We’re currently looking for some people who are willing to coach Co-op teams for Season XV, so if you're interested we ask that you give us a little information about your coaching style and availability.

Please be aware that the number of positions we will have available for Co-op coaches is relatively limited, but if we aren't able to place you with a team this season we encourage you to sign up the following season. Finally, keep in mind that this is an entry-level coaching position, and it's intended to allow people who haven't coached before the opportunity to get some experience in a low pressure environment. That being said, here's the deal:

Pay is $40 for the 8-week season!

We expect:

  • You rehearse with your team at least every other week, (about 5 rehearsals).

  • You can commit through the end of the season, October 18 - December 20, 2019.

  • Make it to some shows! Your team's show times will be either Tuesdays at 8 PM or Fridays at 8 PM.

Once we have formed teams we will try to pair them with a coach who has a style they are looking for and whose availability matches the team's availability. After you're introduced to your team (via email), it's up to you coordinate and schedule rehearsals with that team.


Please complete the form below

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Which show slots are you available for?
You'll be expected to provide feedback for your team at as many shows as possible.
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We created the above categories based on coaching styles people submitted in the past. If you feel that your desired coaching style is not represented above, please elaborate. This will help us to make the form better for next season, though will not be used for team placements. You may elaborate on your experience or why you want to coach.
Availability for practices *
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This section is to help us create as diverse a program as possible. If you feel that you bring a diverse perspective but don't fit into any of the options below, feel free to use the text box at the bottom to let us know. Also, this should honestly go without saying, but this is not the section for bits! Hi it's me, another reminder that this is not the section for bits!
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