If you’re looking to improvise with new folks, this is the place to do it. We will randomly assign you to a team of 10-12 improvisers looking to perform together. You can choose to rehearse with that team, get coached with that team, or just show up for each show and have a blast.

Each season, you’ll have eight consecutive shows, allowing you and your teammates to keep up your momentum and establish a bit of regularity while getting some fun reps in!

Season XIV sign ups are closed, but keep a look out for sign ups for Season XV, available here in mid-August.

There will be 2 performance slots for Season XV of the Co-op; Tuesdays at 8 PM and Fridays at 8 PM at the Crowd Theater. With the slots that we have available we will have room in this season for 8 teams of 10, meaning our maximum capacity is 80 performers. As in past seasons, we are expecting our sign-up numbers to be higher than that, which means that we'll be using a lottery to determine who will get to participate in Season XV, and anyone not selected by the lottery will be placed upon the waitlist.

In order to create a program that showcases all of the diverse perspectives available to us in the Chicago comedy community, our lottery process prioritizes performers of color, non-male performers, and LGTBQIA performers.

If you were on the waitlist for a previous season, you will be prioritized in the lottery, although be aware that even then we won't necessarily be able to guarantee everyone on the waitlist a spot on our roster.

Sign ups are currently closed, but stay tuned for Season XV sign ups available in mid-August!