Season XIII is already in full swing but stop by the Crowd on Tuesdays at 8pm to watch a Co-op show in action and participate in our open jam!

If you’re antsy to join us, sign up now for Season XIV starting July 23, 2019 and ending on September 13, 2019. This season we’re going to have eight consecutive shows during this time period, allowing you and your teammates to keep up your momentum and establish a bit of regularity while getting some fun reps in!

There will be 2 performance slots for Season XIV of the Co-op; Tuesdays at 8 PM and Fridays at 8 PM at the Crowd Theater. With the slots that we have available we will have room in this season for 8 teams of 10, meaning our maximum capacity is 80 performers. As in past seasons, we are expecting our sign-up numbers to be higher than that, which means that we'll be using a lottery to determine who will get to participate in Season XIV, and anyone not selected by the lottery will be placed upon the waitlist.

In order to create a program that showcases all of the diverse perspectives available to us in the Chicago comedy community, our lottery process prioritizes performers of color, non-male performers, and LGTBQI performers. If you were on the waitlist for a previous season, you will be prioritized in the lottery, although be aware that even then we won't necessarily be able to guarantee everyone on the waitlist a spot on our roster.

This form will close on Saturday, July 13, 2019 and we’ll reach out to the randomly selected performers soon after!


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